Leadership Matters

» Would you like your children to be better behaved, improve their communication skills, and be able to make a great impression?

» Do your students or new hires need coaching in soft skills alongside their technical training?

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Learn important Soft Skills to improve your Leadership skills

Sign up your child or teen for a fun after school program. 

Maria Doll, certified Style & Etiquette consultant, can tailor a program for your specific needs. Contact her now!

Leadership Matters, founded by Maria Doll, is dedicated to helping youth reach their goals by teaching the fundamentals of becoming effective leaders.  They become effective through knowing how to positively influence those around them to be kind, thoughtful of others.

How is this accomplished?

Leadership is based on respect and honesty. And it is shown through practising good manners consistently.  We aren't mannerly only when we want to make a good impression.  To be well-mannered as a habit, shows good character.

Why do we need good manners?

Civility, citizenship and self-control are vital foundations in a free society. ~Judi Vankevich. 
Good manners are the "oil" that makes interactions between people go more smoothly.  What if no one was well-mannered??  Life would be unbearable!!

How are the classes taught?

Maria instructs children, teens and young adults according to their age & development in a fun, warm, interactive way through unique classes, seminars and workshops.

She offers mixed & single-gender classes for middle and high school plus college/university-aged students.  She also runs summer camps for the younger set in elementary school.

Can’t attend a class, seminar or camp?  Maria can tailor her programs for one-on-one personal consulting sessions in areas of etiquette as well as helping young women create business wardrobes.

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Maria and her Etiquette Program has been featured in

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After meeting with Maria the first time, I cleared almost everything out of my closet. Then she helped me realize my personal style and run with it. I bought my first "very good quality" hat and haven't looked back.

I have had two sessions with her so far and think a yearly session is worthwhile. It's easy to overlook how we present ourselves. Maria brings it into perspective in easy, affordable ways. Thanks to her, my wardrobe reflects me and not some image in a magazine.

Crystal, small business owner


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